“I’ve never said anything mean to her. Once, I just got a bit annoyed when she told me to turn left — into a cement wall.” ~ Debi Tinsley, a legal secretary and actress/singer from Van Nuys, California, doesn’t verbally abuse her GPS even after it tried to kill her. (Los Angeles Times)

But apparently some people do. What’s your GPS style? Are you a screamer? A blind follower? Or have you bought yours gifts like that Jared Jewelry guy?

I have to admit reading “Our twisted relationship with the GPS” reminded me that I’m guilty of snarkily repeating, “Re-calculating, Re-CALCULATING!” – like I can cut its tiny little electronic feelings to the core with that super-annoying and passive aggressive tactic, mimicry. 

My GPS has gotten me really lost on more than one occasion – as well as really found on others. Once I thought it was trying to drive me over a cliff, but it was really just an extremely vertical 20-minute short cut.

Mean li’l suckers, they are. (xkcd)

Maybe I should try being nicer.

Source:  Los Angeles Times

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