I enjoy the blog for “modern working women,” Jane Has a Job, but my mouth dropped open when I saw the shoes featured in “Wear to Work: Crocs?” See for yourself. Those pumps are pretty. Pretty orange. Seriously, the design is lovely, but what do you think would happen if you wore bright orange pumps to the ol’ law firm…or to court? (Guys or gals feel free to jump in here. I’m feeling contrite after writing that every paralegal needs a black pencil skirt. Here, there’s even a pair of orange suede shoes for the boys to imagine wearing to the office, on sale for $539.00!)

Before you start screaming about people who slam Crocs and don’t know you and can take their snooty frou-frou Jimmy Choos and stick ’em…back in the closest, I am confessing. I own a pair of Crocs. The fantastically hideous plastic kind, but lined with faux fleece. OMG, y’all, they are the most comfortable shoes I own, and I would wear them everywhere. But my kids won’t let me.

So I was shocked to learn that there are Crocs you can wear to the office, without your coworkers secretly using their phones to snap pics of your honkin’ indestructible Mickey Mouse feet to send to People of Walmart.

Office Crocs are a little pricey, but some are marked down, including these Lydia wedges (normally $54.99 but on sale for $29.99) with adorable grosgrain bows, and the copy this middle-age woman who likes her shoes almost (but not quite) orthotic-comfy loves to read: “footbed for ergonomic fit and support.”

Wait ’til the four flights of stairs at my office see these.

Of course, if I really wanted to give my kids a coronary and make th’ Walmart Peeps blog, I’d buy these instead.

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