A blizzard for the record books doesn’t stop true love.

How many of you feel well-loved when your significant other shovels the path to your front door or scrapes the ice off your car in bad weather? To me, that’s better than breakfast in bed. But think how well-loved Sylvia Tookes of Markham, Illnois, must feel when she found out her fiance, Charles Pryor, had shoveled the sidewalk in front of Chicago’s Harvey Metra train station so that she would have a clear path after work.

Tookes might never have known how chivalrous – and humble – Pryor is if not for the efforts of a legal assistant.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Phyllis Jones, a legal assistant employed by a Chicago law firm, was so impressed after meeting the romantic snow shoveler on her commute that she wanted the whole world to know what a great guy he is, including the lucky woman he was shoveling the walkway for. But she forgot to ask his name.

Jones told everyone she knew what happened, including people on the platform, the train and at the Chicago law firm where she works as a legal assistant. She even sent an e-mail to the Sun-Times, calling the good Samaritan shoveler her “hero in Harvey.”
Her one regret: Not asking for his name. She wanted to tell the “lucky woman” how much her fiancee loved her.
Jones decided to print flyers and post them at the station. But it wasn’t until Tuesday that Sylvia Tookes read the note and knew it was about her.

Pryor doesn’t think shoveling a train station walkway to ensure his true love’s safety is unusual. He says he’s supposed to do anything he can to make sure she’s okay, including cooking a meal, asking if she had a nice day – and clearing a path for her in the snow, even if it’s deeper than usual due to a record-breaking blizzard.

I like this guy.

Thanks to Phyllis Jones’ efforts, Tookes and all the other commuters who enjoyed the clear path that day, know that Pryor is the truest of romantics, talking the talk and shoveling the walk.

Source:  Chicago Sun-Times

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