The “Best. Valentine’s Day Gift. Ever. Bronx woman saved from choking by boyfriend’s Heimlich maneuver” article in yesterday’s New York Daily News has all the requisites for coverage at Practical Paralegalism: A romantic man with mad life-saving skills. A legal staffer in a jury pool. Godiva chocolates.

New York legal secretary Debbie Florio-Costa’s Valentine’s Day might have been her last if it hadn’t been for her boyfriend Louis D’Amici’s romantic streak – and his CPR training. He joined her on her lunch break on Monday, bearing Godiva chocolates.

But he saved her life with the Heimlich Maneuver when she started choking on the chicken from her gyro platter. D’Amici joked that he did it because he didn’t want to be single again, but the Godivas show how deeply in love he is with Florio-Costa.

She was excused from the jury pool after the scare, but found her appetite in time for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

The Hunts Point couple went straight to Old Homestead Steakhouse in Manhattan for a Valentine’s Day feast.

“He kept telling me to chew my steak well,” Florio-Costa joked. “But I was starving from not finishing my gyro!”

Legal support staffers are so used to wolfing down their food at lunch, this story is a good reminder to eat slower and chew more.

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