It wasn’t easy to find a SFW image.

The last time I blogged about Amazon Eve she was kicking butt. Really. As a dominatrix. Or a wrestler. Or something bad ass.

No, I don’t know her real name. She says that’s taken.

But now she’s ascending to loftier heights. Which is easy to do when you’re 6′ 8″ tall.

She’s about to be named as the Guinness World Records’ tallest model.

But she’s not resting on her super-sized laurels. If she can’t be a reality star, she’ll settle for being a lawyer.

Still, asking for worldwide fame is a tall order — even for someone as tall as Amazon Eve. That’s why she has alternative plans in case her dream of becoming a huge celebrity gets cut off at the knees.

“I do have a plan B,” she said. “I already am trained as a paralegal. I’d like to get my law degree, move to a small town and practice law.”

She should talk to Elie over at Above the Law if she ever seriously considers going to law school. He’d probably tell her she has a better chance at world domination via reality TV than she does of graduating from law school and earning enough money to eat and make her student loan payments.

Sources:  AOL News; The Huffington Post

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