So you’d think as a paralegal blogger, I’d be fending off questions about how I find my killer cutting-edge law-related content, “Like, dweeb, what are your top 67 technology sites?” or “Do you know of any blogs that cover trademark infringement, it’s my life!”

So you’d think.

Not so much. Lately, I get emails, reader comments, and direct messages on Twitter asking what fashion blogs I read.

If I tell you I’d have to kill you. Or you can just follow my Google Reader. (I’ve thought about checking out other peeps’ publicly-shared Google Readers, but panic at the thought of digesting all my own RSS feeds, much less anyone else’s. I’ll save that for my next snow day.)

My current fashion blog obsession is Kendi Everyday,, because she has an incredible sense of style and does a great job creating ensembles with pieces that everyday people can afford. (Kendi is way younger and prettier than me, and I couldn’t get away with some of her skirt lengths, but she has inspired me to be a little more creative with my own clothes.)

For example, Kendi shops at Forever 21, which makes me feel much less self-conscious about the fact that I can stay in that store longer than my teen girls. What I’m actually obsessed with right now is Kendi’s multi-chain pearl necklace that she’s worn in many of her recent posts, driving me to hunt it down, even if I have to read her entire blog starting from day one.

Or I guess I could just ask her where she got it…

Actually, I know. I found the link and got a lovely error screen from Forever 21 that it’s currently out of stock. Darn it! That means I have to go to the actual store to see if they still have it (poor, poor me).

But Forever 21 has other beautiful long multi-chain necklaces that are the perfect accessories to take a dress or blouse from blah to WOW! And they are so, so reasonably priced, you can afford to buy, like, two or three:

(Is anybody else feeling hungry?)

Opaque Faux Gemstone Necklace – $5.80

Kendi styled another look with a similar necklace – a look you could do for business casual if you substitute trouser jeans.

I feel that my life would be complete with this necklace.

I will be happy with this if I can’t get my hands on the multi-strand pearl necklace that initially led to my very enjoyable perusal of Forever 21’s jewelry online.

Ahem, if I can’t find Kendi’s pearl necklace locally, I don’t suppose I could talk you into checking at your local Forever 21?

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