Easy Answer: NO. No way. Nada. Oh, Hells to the NO.

A legal assistant wrote The News York Times Fashion & Style column Social Q’s with the following scenario:

My friend and I work as legal assistants at the same law firm. We both bought jeggings, and wore them to work with long tops. Her boss didn’t say anything, but mine told me they were inappropriate for the office, and that I shouldn’t wear them again. I don’t think that’s fair. What do you think? ~ Colleen, New York

Class never goes out of style.

Social Q’s response is that fair is not always the best way to climb the career ladder, and that jeggings are “100 percent inappropriate for Perry Mason’s assistant.”

Did Della Street even wear slacks – ever? Sorry, I digress. But the blouse with a bow that she’s wearing in this picture could come straight out of today’s fashion magazines.

It’s not always fun to be right, but Social Q is right on the money with this advice:

Nope, not even with heels.

This may seem like a drag, and you’re right that the firm’s dress code is not being applied equitably. But think of it like this: Good bosses help us climb the company ladder, and sometimes that means taking their advice on presentation issues that might hold us back. So count your lucky stars. Your pal may get to rock her jeggings at work, but you have a boss who actually has your back.

I agree. I own jeggings, and they are the best for tucking into boots during winter weather. But they’re not appropriate for most legal settings, and they don’t qualify as business casual  – at least if you want to look like you mean business.

Source: New York Times

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