I wish I’d gotten to hear private investigator and former New York City Investigative Sergeant Sean Mulholland, owner of Mulholland Forensics, speak to the Northeast Florida Paralegal Association earlier this month.

Even though Mulholland’s presentation might have exacerbated paranoia in anyone already prone to it, he was honest about the lack of privacy we have in today’s electronic and virtual society, and how easy it is for private investigators to observe our activities. For those squirrely readers already starting to look over their shoulders a little more frequently, Mulholland did confirm there is a difference between stalking and surveillance.

Whew. I feel better….not really.

The Jacksonville Daily Record article sharing the highlights from Mulholland’s speech is well worth reading, but here are a few facts about our lack of privacy that I cannot emphasize enough at Practical Paralegalism, and was therefore thrilled to see reiterated at a paralegal professional meeting:

  • Videocamera technology makes surveillance easier than ever before;
  • Email improves clients’ ability to immediately confirm the identity of subjects under surveillance;
  • Phone, ATM, access and credit card records, digital photos, security videos and other electronically stored information can win a case;
  • Investigators cannot use illegal electronic espionage methods or techniques;
  • Don’t post private information on Facebook because criminals and predators can access it; and
  • Hello, Google Maps with Street View can broadcast your activities and location, unbeknownst to you.

Kudos to NEFPA for arranging to have such a dynamic and informative speaker. Now, please excuse me, while I go take my Facebook account down, and schedule a haircut so I’ll look good the next time I’m caught on Google Maps with Street View.
Source:  Jacksonville Daily Record

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