I blog for paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, legal staffers, paralegal students and instructors – and the attorneys who want to get to know us better. I try to share information they might find useful for professional development, or a much needed laugh during a hectic week working for lawyers. Once a week (or every other week when Life happens) I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news and humor, practice tips and professionalism, and technology. I also share links of interest at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook page, and via my Twitter stream (@ExpertParalegal).

This week’s links:

This is so cool. I have no idea why it’s Tastefully Offensive.

Friday Five – Paralegal Pet Peeves (Erratically Elizabeth) ~ Elizabeth only recently disclosed to her blog readers that she’s a family law paralegal. I bet you guys can relate to her pet peeves. Sometimes I tell my boss I wish could charge extra per hour when I’m wearing my pseudo-MSW hat, but I get paid for listening, so I do. (Hat Tip to Purple Paralegal!)

Reflections (A Paralegal’s Life) ~ Grumpy Humbug shares the wisdom of a decade’s experience working for lawyers, and makes some key points. Without attorneys, there are no paralegals. Don’t be the only person at your firm with a particular piece of knowledge essential to its operation. Avoid office politics (there are no exceptions to this rule.)

There’s No Tellin’ – Can’t Find a Job and Can’t Figure Out Why? (The Estrin Report) ~ 10 reasons why you might not be getting calls from potential employers.

3 Best Interview Tips (Employed Panache) ~ If you’re getting the interviews, but no callbacks, here are three ways to improve your interview techniques. Don’t forget LinkedIn is a great place to research companies – and your interviewers.

How Lawyers Can Protect Against Wi-Fi Security Risks (Lawyerist) ~ If you’re using a public Wi-Fi network for any client work, you need to read this post and take steps to protect your data.

A Blackberry, a Toilet and a Bag of Rice (Small City Law Firm Tech) ~ Keep a bag of rice in your home and business kitchen cupboards. If you save your boss’s phone from a watery death, you will look like an IT God or Goddess.

Add a Second Screen to Your PC or Laptop (PCWorld) ~ I added a flat-screen monitor we weren’t using to my home laptop and loved it. For document review or writing, dual screens increase productivity. When our office recently upgraded our desktops, everyone got dual monitors.

A grey sheath dress can be styled many different ways for work. (The Working Wardrobe)

Lindsay Lohan’s Warding Off Bad Vibes With A $3,000 Evil Eye Jewelry (SheFinds) ~ Okay, I’ll be honest. Not everyone enjoys my Lindsay posts. One reader called the last one dribble. Perhaps it was drivel, but who doesn’t need a little celebrity courtroom behavior play-by-play in his or her life? If I’d seen this necklace before Lindsay wore it to court, I would have lost my cool a little and demanded, “SERIOUSLY?!? You’re looking at JAIL, and you’re going to give the judge the EVIL EYE in COURT?”

Facebook Burglar Posts His Photos on Victim’s Facebook Wall (Legally Weird) ~ I have to get it off my chest: stupid is as stupid does.

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