Like me, Florida legal assistant Stephanie Kienzle is a passionate blogger, only her specialty is local politics. Since August 2010, she has bluntly voiced her opinions about North Miami Beach politics at Her LinkedIn profile states her interests are “helping to shape the political landscape by actively campaigning for candidates I feel are best suited for the job and closely monitoring those currently in office.”

One candidate Kienzle did not endorse is current North Miami Beach Mayor Myron Rosner. She and several other local activists and outspoken critics of the mayor now contend that Rosner abused his position to get payback, by reporting them to various state and local agencies for possible building code violations.

The Miami Herald reports that Rosner admits to driving around town in his mini van, armed with a camera, paper and pen, to uncover and painstakingly document his foes’ alleged violations. He also admits that inspecting private homes is not within the scope of his mayoral duties, although he is a general contractor.

During the holiday season in NMB, you could sit on the mayor’s face.

Kienzle is a successful political blogger, whose posts about Rosner’s early (and admittedly kinda tacky) bus bench holiday ad campaign, as well as questionable travel expenses, have been picked up by local media outlets, including The Miami Herald.

In her February 28 post “It’s Official!”, Kienzle considers the increasing popularity of her blog, and says she’s just doing her job, advocating for responsible government.

But thanks to Rosner going the extra extra mile to complain, and to use Kienzle’s terms, declare war on the City of North Miami Beach, if she can’t get a permit for her deck, she may have to dismantle it or pay fines.

Sources: Miami Herald; Miami New Times

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