I didn’t even look this good in my high school year book pic.

Here’s my advice for paralegals desiring to impress their bosses with their technology know-how. Don’t. Overdo. It.

Seriously, just because I subscribe to a few technology blogs and blathered about The Cloud and mobile security a few times, now my boss punts every technology question he has in my direction. Like I know it all. I don’t know most of it actually. But I can Google like a fiend, and therefore continue to give my boss the false impression that I know geeky stuff. (Also, I do learn a lot that way.)

So I picked the following 5 Geeky Things to Do Before I Kick the Bucket from PCWorld’s list of 50:

  1. Set up an array of at least three monitors. (Booyah, already on this, McGee!)
  2. Control my house using my phone. (Fix me dinner! Rub my feet! Clean up cat puke!)
  3. Master the art of typing on a touchscreen, without using autocorrect. (I suffer from Fat Fingers Syndrome, but am unwilling to have them liposuctioned even for accurate texts)
  4. Stage a gruesome scene for the Google Street View truck. (Maybe The Cat can vomit on my neighbor’s car, which is already on Street View. Creepy.)
  5. Develop a best-selling iPhone legal app. (Yeah, I changed game to legal app – I am what I am.)

I confess: I read PCWorld…and People Magazine. On the less exciting side of the geeky bucket list, I’m also writing an ethics presentation about technology, “Old-Fashioned Ethics in a Newfangled World,” and am planning to take some advanced Microsoft Office software classes after I finish the presentation.

You guys got any geeky goals on your bucket list?

Source:  PCWorld

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