You know how sometimes just getting everything off your chest in one violent primal screaming rant (preferably alone in your car or in the middle of a state park after hours, and not in the office) relieves your stress? And how sometimes saying any crazy thing that happens to spill out of your mouth, no matter how irrational, feels cathartic?

If that’s the case, Charlie Sheen must feel really good by now. But you can get your own stark-raving mad rant à la Charlie Sheen right there at your computer with Vanity Fair’s newest mad lib generator.

Here’s mine:

If you’re still at work, read your mad lib quietly to yourself. Do not read it out loud.

Man, I feel like a bi-winner. Boom! Buh-bye, dear readers, have a totally gnarly weekend.

Bonus Laugh, or Tweet of the Week:

Hat Tip for the Mad Lib: The Bloggess

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