Karlin Meehan creates lively, engaging acrylic paintings that pack an extra punch when the viewer dons the 3-D glasses conveniently hanging next to some of her works.

 “It’s a great trick to get people to really engage with the art who aren’t necessarily art-oriented,” said the Newport Beach resident, who is a patent paralegal by day and an aspiring artist by night.

According to Meehan’s LinkedIn profile, she has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, and has been employed since February 2008 as a patent paralegal at Konrad Raynes and Victor LLP in Beverly Hills, California. She assists with the filing of U.S., international, and foreign patient applications.

Not only does Meehan have a paralegal job in a hot specialty area, but she also hopes to take the art world by storm, delighting viewers with her innovative use of color and geometric designs. Beginning March 18, 2011, twelve of her acrylic paintings will be featured in an exhibit she calls “Bliss of Growth,” at the Solo Projects Gallery in Costa Mesa.

From a collection called “Eye Candy” at http://karlinmeehan.squarespace.com/gallery/

This patent paralegal and fine artist also makes effective use of social media, blogging about art at Get Out of My Dreams and into My KAR, http://sassandcoffee.blogspot.com/, and tweeting at @karlinmeehan.
Meehan shares amazing images in her blog posts; I’ll be adding her to my RSS feed reader and looking forward to her creativity brightening my day. Her post “PEEP SHOW!!!!!!” reminded me that the ABA Journal’s annual Peeps in Law Gallery is coming up. (Note to self: buy Peeps!)

Practical Paralegalism congratulates Karlin Meehan on her upcoming exhibit, and looks forward to seeing more of her work. I’m no art critic but I do draw and paint – and love to be left alone in art galleries with no one (bored kids or antsy significant others) trying to rush me. I knew my husband-to-be was a keeper when he took me to an Andrew Wyeth exhibit on one of our first dates. I know what I like and what makes me smile, and am now a fan of Meehan’s vibrant work, especially her abstracts and florals.

Source: Daily Pilot.

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