I guess this is the night I confess all my deep dark secrets, and either y’all laugh and delete me from your RSS feed reader – or tell me yours.

Okay, here goes, I’m going to say it really fast and get it over with, “onmondaynightmeandTheTeenbondoverABCFamily’sPrettyLittleLiars.” OMG, it’s driving me CRAZY! WHO IS A!?!?

During tonight’s episode I nearly forgot about A altogether, totally captivated by the pretty, shiny, sparkly jeweled owl flash drive that was the focal point of yet another plot twist. (At this rate, the series could go on for years. Will they ever graduate from high school? What grade are they in anyway?)

As soon as we realized a pretty necklace was hiding a flash drive, The Teen and I both shrieked at the same time, “OMG, I’VE GOT TO HAVE ONE!!!” Ergo, this post.

With no further drama, here’s some pretty little flash drives to obsess over – or just quietly purchase and wear to work:

USB Jewel Owl Watch Necklace Flash Drive (usb.brando.com) ~ $22
You could totally wear this to work.

USB Jewel Owl Necklace Flash Drive (usb.brando.com) ~ $22
Ooooh, extremely sparkly decorative crystals. Too much for daytime? (Wait, that describes almost all the ensembles the Pretty Little Liars wear to school…)

2GB Crystal Silver Owl Necklace USB Flash Drive (gizgeek) ~ $25.00
Oh so retro – also comes in golden metal housing (you don’t want to know what real gold costs). The back design is very cool, and it could also be worn as a brooch. For my work wardrobe (lots of black, black and more black), this one is a good choice.

Jewel An Owl Necklace USB Drive (gizgeek) ~ $24.00
4GB and soooooooo cute – but bigger than it looks. I’m thinkin’ key chain.

Or you can just add an adorable owl to your garden variety flash drive to keep from losing it (Etsy ~ $6.50)

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