…Also, yes, I still have my Christmas tree up, because if I take it down before April the Christmas tree wins. Also, I’ve been using it to throw clothes on when they come out of the dryer because that way you get less wrinkles on them.  It’s like using hangers, but easier and more festive.  Stop judging me. ~ The Bloggess

I’m not judging. I’m taking notes.

And what could this possibly have to do with being a paralegal?

Well, I’m a paralegal, and my Christmas tree is still up.

But now I don’t have to buy an extra drying rack for my sweaters.  Yay, me.

Source: The Bloggess (Jenny always make me laugh when I feel like crying. Paralegal Practice Tip: Add The Bloggesshttp://thebloggess.com/, to your RSS feed reader, but save her posts until you’re either at home wondering if your family will eat dry cereal in sandwich baggies for dinner, or can’t stop crying in your car at lunch…)

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