The most stressful part of this paralegal’s day is wondering what to fix the fam for dinner. ‘Cause I’d be happy with beer, popcorn, or dry cereal. For some reason, they are not. Little ingrates.

The other essential part of connecting with my kids, other than over baggies of dry cereal at the dinner table, is texting. I only recently started texting more than two characters an hour. So I love the Parents Shouldn’t Text blog:

Those bags of dry cereal look good now, don’t they, kids?

Hey, guys, how about sharing some of your recipes for hot, fulfilling meals on the fly? (You can email them to me at, and I will tell my family I created them share the easy best ones with everyone in future posts.) I know you’ve got to have at least one go-to recipe on nights when you’ve already had the life sucked out of you at work. Please don’t say McDonald’s. I have that recipe.

Source: Parents Shouldn’t Text

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