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Sometimes I miss the new paralegal bloggers. And sometimes I don’t miss them, but I wait a few months to see if they’re just a one post wonder, or if they’ve caught the blogging bug.

But in the case of freelance paralegal blogger Kris L. Canaday, her post on JD Supra led me to her blog, Paralegal Support 101, http://www.paralegalsupport101.com/, which has been up and running since December 2010. Canaday’s goal is to provide information about paralegals and freelance services in particular:

And so the basis of this blog was formed.  Through Paralegal Support 101, I hope to provide essential information to attorneys, law firms, corporations, and agencies on the utilization of paralegals and the options available when they are overwhelmed while addressing the many questions and concerns that arise when considering whether to seek paralegal services.  As such, if you ever have any questions about the utilization of paralegals, the benefits of working with a freelance paralegal, the process in general, or any other relative topic, please let me know; I’ll be happy to address them for you!

You can check out Canaday’s website, http://www.paralegalsvcs4attys.com/, as well as her very detailed and well-done LinkedIn profile, http://www.linkedin.com/in/kriscanaday.

For those of you that have written presentations for CLEs, or articles for legal or other publications, JDSupra, http://www.jdsupra.com/, is a great way to gain a wider audience for your content, as well as share your expertise and broaden your professional horizons. It’s not just for lawyers, and it doesn’t cost you anything to set up an account. It certainly makes one heckuva online writing portfolio, and a link to your JD Supra content is a great result to show up in a Google search of your name.

I admit that I haven’t devoted as much time to my JDSupra account as I’d like – but here’s what I’ve got so far: http://www.jdsupra.com/profile/lynne_devenny_print_docs/. 

Here are several other new paralegal blogs I’ve added to my RSS feed reader recently – not just about paralegals, but about their hopes, dreams, creativity, and humor, too:

If you guys know of any other new blogs by legal support staffers that I should be reading, please share the links!

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