So Lindsay was in court again last week. Pretend that she listened to you, her criminal lawyer’s indispensable paralegal, when deciding what to wear on the courtwalk.

Plain ol’ beige. Check.

Black tights and vintage heels a spinster librarian would approve of. Check.

Long sleeves and a modest neckline appropriate for the cute 12-year old Lilo your children loved. Check.

Liquid leather. Check. You’re pretty sure you didn’t recommend liquid leather. 

This $725 dress is from a designer who also sells high-end t-shirts made from garments worn by prison inmates.

I can hear some of my older and very Southern relatives weighing in on this fashion choice now: “That’s nothin’ that a good bra wouldn’t fix,” or “That gal has lost her mind – and her pants.”

So what do you think? Appropriate for court? Near miss? Missed it by a country mile?

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