I know I can talk until I’m blue in the face about Twitter and convince maybe 1% of you to join, and then actually use it once you join, but I also know that many more of you are enthusiastic Facebook users. If you’re like me, you’re still getting used to the new Facebook profile, and wondering why that irksome new banner at the top of your profile page seems to cruelly arbitrarily latch onto the worst of your pictures.

ProfileGen.comhttp://profilegen.com/, allows you to pick a cool banner to display instead – or even to upload your own image to turn into a Facebook banner. (I know the more technologically proficient among you can probably generate a custom banner without a free web app, but I’m lazy and well, just not that smart.)

I picked:

Because I totally am.

P.S. Practical Paralegalism has a Facebook page, and very, very much appreciates your virtual support there, since this blog is totally non-profit (which is a diplomatic way to say I do not make any big or little bucks doing this 🙂

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