I’m sure you have absolutely nothing else to do but barcode yourself. Not really. If you’re a legal support staffer reading this post at work, you’re probably taking a wee mental break by hiding under your desk with your smart phone, trying to take your mind off the multiple discovery responses that need to be completed in an hour, or yanking on the wire thingie  that will “accidentally” disconnect your desk phone for the remainder of the day.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

But I have created a personalized barcode at http://www.barcodeart.com/art/yourself/yourself.html:

I scanned myself, and my barcode value is $6.84. And now everyone who can figure this out knows how much  I weigh…

P.S. If you think you’ve busted me blogging during the day, you’re wrong. These babies are scheduled in advance, because my desk telephone cord seems to be welded into the wall socket, and I really do have multiple sets of discovery due.

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