I blog for paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, legal staffers, paralegal students and instructors – and the attorneys who want to get to know us better. I try to share information they might find helpful for professional development, or a much needed laugh during a hectic week working for lawyers. Once a week (or every other week when Life happens) I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news and humor, practice tips and professionalism, and technology. I also share links of interest at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook page, and via my Twitter stream (@ExpertParalegal).

This week’s links:

So that’s where all the twist ties disappeared to…(Thanks Work Fail Blog!)

Dropbox Related Resources (Small City Law Firm Tech) ~ Haven’t tried Dropbox yet? It’s very simple to use, but these links are great for newbies.

5 Online Communities to Help With Your Career (Mashable) ~ LinkedIn is a no-brainer. I knew Monster has job postings, but I didn’t know about the other career resources the site offers. Glassdoor seems like a good place to get an insider’s view of a company.

How to Dress Classy at Work (Classy Career Girl) ~ In addition to some tips for successful career dressing, there’s a great list of essential wardrobe builders. I’d add a black or grey sheath dress, and a pair of nude pumps, this season’s must-have color and a great neutral to mix things up a bit – especially if you keep buying the same black shoes over and over like I do.

Gloria Allred Sees a Method to Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Attire Madness (ABA Journal) ~ But even Allred tells her clients to dress as if they are going to church.

Copy-Machine Question Spawns Deposition for the History Books (WSJ Law Blog) ~ If you think you know what a “photocopying machine” is, don’t read this. Wut was the question again?

Calendar Snafu Leads to Default Entered Against Wachovia in Securities Case (Legal Blog Watch) ~ An associate’s resignation and an email that didn’t get to the secretary lead to a missed deadline to respond to an amended complaint. This is a reminder that you need a system of checks and balances to ensure all deadlines are entered correctly. I ask my supervising attorney to verify key filing deadlines that I enter in our case management system.

Social Media Explained (Tastefully Offensive) ~ With this simple chart, you’ll never get Twitter and Foursquare confused again.

Finally, Top 10 Reasons to Buy an iPad 2 from David Letterman:

I stopped drooling with techno-envy after some reviewers panned the thinner plastic-like casing, but man, that biscuit app and lick screen got me going again…

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