I am insane for flowers. However, when I grow them, I usually kill them. But now floral clothes and accessories are in, so I can wear them, love them – and never watch them turn brown and die.

Lately, I’ve been following a lot of fashion blogs for working women, and I’ve gotten so many great ideas for inexpensive ways to re-mix and accessorize my existing wardrobe, including adding a floral brooch to jackets, belts or purses. My readers who work in legal settings, especially corporate legal departments and private law firms know we can’t go too crazy with fashion at work, because, well, to be frank, most dress codes for legal professionals lean on the ultra-conservative side.  Wearing one of the hot new floral brooches to court-related activities can be a little iffy, too. You definitely can’t express your inner Carrie Bradshaw.

So what’s a flowery, kinda girly-girl supposed to do – especially if you can’t find a floral pin to wear to work that isn’t the size of a child’s head? Make your own! Which I’ve been doing, with lots of compliments, and a pending blog post (in which The Teen expresses honest shock when she busts me crafting), after I take my floral babies outside to photograph (the inside photographs are terrible).

But I’m just starting to learn how to craft these pins, and am at the beginner stage of using pre-made silk flowers. When I wanted a few brooches to wear now, in conservative colors, I turned to Etsy and found JKW Jewellery. My brooches arrived today from Ireland (Ireland! that kind of snail mail alone is exciting!), and they are so lovely and perfect for work that they almost take my breath away.

I ordered a black brooch and a brown brooch, and lovely, lovely Joanna threw in an extra navy blue brooch. I hope she won’t mind me sharing a few photos from her Etsy shop. The photos are close to actual size, perfect for blazers, cardigans, dresses and blouses:

Brown organza flower brooch – retro and vintage.

Romantic Flower Brooch – Black Lace – Glamor

Satin flower romantic brooch – on my wish list!

Source:  JKW Jewellry

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