“You know, I’ll bitch about it, but then I’ll probably pay it anyway because I want my coffee.” ~ Principal Financial legal assistant David Erickson tells The News Journal how he’ll respond when the $4.08 price tag on his “Epic Snickeroo Latte” is raised due to the rising cost of coffee beans.

I thought the reading public was being played on the Snickeroo beans until I looked it up, and discovered Coffee Roasters offers Snickeroo flavored coffee, which is “chocolate, vanilla, caramel and nuts wrapped in a graham cracker cinnamon! YUM!” Buffalo & Spring is a little more low key in its description of Snickeroo coffee, describing the flavor as “reminiscent of the famous butter and cinnamon flavored cookies.”

Informal reader survey here, at what price will you forgo your daily Starbucks and revert to the home brew?

Source:  The News Journal

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