Greg Lambert wrote a post for 3 Geeks and a Law Blog earlier this week about “The Art of Shorter Writing”. Having suffered from written verbal diarrhea all my life, I agree with him that modern professional writing has changed, and that the preferred style is clear, concise writing that gets the main point across quickly.

I commented at his post:

Greg, as an English major, I used to be the master (or mangler) of the 500-word single sentence. But as a working legal professional and blogger, I realized that I was going to have to take a simpler, more direct approach when writing for clients and blog readers.

Adopting a more journalistic style, i.e. shorter sentences and paragraphs, using the active voice, helps me get to the point more quickly, and hopefully in a way that doesn’t cause my readers’ attention to skitter off the page.

For those of you whose attention hasn’t skittered off yet, when I stumbled across this graphic, I knew I had to share it as an example of very successful shorter writing:

The suspense is killing me. Thanks, My[confined]Space.

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