This says you’re tough on digital security.

I’m working on a new ethics CLE presentation, “Old-Fashioned Ethics in a Newfangled World,” but in my focus on digital and online security and ethical issues, I haven’t been thinking as much about hardware as software. But a recent Mashable post, “10 Security Gadgets to Keep Your Stuff Safe on the Go,” made me think about digital security from a more physical perspective.

Here are four security gadgets that will heighten your mobile security (as well as make you look super geeky and cool):

Little multi-tasker is also a compact mirror.
  1. Purse Hanger – I see people using these everywhere, but never thought about what they can contribute to digital security. Hanging or hooking your bag nearby and in plain view makes you less likely to walk off and leave it (or for it to walk off without you), extra protection for any hand-held electronic devices inside. My daughter got one for $1 from a street vendor, but I like this pretty Japanese floral hanger.
  2. Laptop Lock – Sure you can password protect your laptop or even turn it off remotely if it’s stolen, but a visible lock will give would-be thieves more incentive to pass it by and save you the trouble. Plus, if you frequently use your laptop on-the-go, you can avoid taking it with you to the loo every time you have to go. (iPad lovers, check out the lock and security case recommended by Mashable.)
    Syba Lock $3.95 via Amazon.

3.  IronKey USB Drives – You can use cloud apps like Google Docs or Dropbox to save and work on documents, and avoid USB drives altogether, but if you are married to your portable thumb drive, IronKey offers a very popular encrypted flash drive, in a variety of sizes and models. Yes, it’s way pricier than the free thumb drives you get at CLEs but a heckuva lot more secure.

4.  Laptop Privacy Screen – If you work on confidential documents while out and about with your laptop, a privacy screen like this 3M Privacy Filter can decrease the view from prying eyes. Nosy Parkers see a dark screen from most angles, while you get a clear view. As a bonus, your screen is also protected from scratches.

Got a gadget you recommend for digital security? Please share!

Source:  Mashable

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