When I taught Introduction to Paralegalism back in the day at the local community college, my students had to turn in written reports summarizing their interviews with local paralegals. They were limited to written reports in no small part because there was no Internet or YouTube, video cameras didn’t fit in your hand, and very few people had computers at home that offered more than basic word processing.

But today’s paralegal student can easily videotape an interview with a smart phone, edit it from his or her home computer, and post it on YouTube, like Carolyn Hagan Stubbs did with her interview of medical malpractice paralegal Amy Boone, employed by defense litigation firm Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin, which has offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio, Florida and New York.

The video interview, subtitled “My First Project” and uploaded about a month ago, doesn’t indicate what paralegal or educational program Carolyn is enrolled in (or even if she’s a paralegal student), but it is the only video currently posted at the chsclass’s channel.

Great job, Carolyn – although I’d still like to know the name of the educational program behind this YouTube channel. The interview questions are good, and I enjoyed hearing Amy discuss what she loves about her job, as well as a few of the frustrations associated with being a defense paralegal. She also has good advice about what kind of person will do well in this job, and how to handle mistakes.

Are any of Practical Paralegalism’s student readers required to prepare videotape interviews of working paralegals and post the interviews online? If so, I’d love to see your assignment – please send me the link!

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