Report: Porsche's lineup to be all hybrid in all carsOn the heals of their successful racing hybrids, Porsche recently announced they would be adding the spark that has been missing from Porsche vehicles all along: electricity. Finally, Porsche is fixing the one thing they’ have been missing all this time all along by adding paralegal-hybrid systems to each one of their vehicles. ~ “Auto April Fools” (Jalopnik)

April Fool’s Day passed me by this year. I was working from home on my CLE manuscript due next week, “Old-Fashioned Ethics in a Newfangled World.”  As interesting as ethics and technology are to me, I am sincerely sorry that I didn’t have time to write a post like last year’s, when our firm got a dog. (Or at least I convinced a couple of y’all that we did.)

So this is all I’ve got, a day (or more) late, a dollar short, and no clue as to what a paralegal-hybrid Porsche would do, even as a joke, although I think it’s nice that it purports to save the world.

Source: Jalopnik

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