ABS Floral Pearl Necklace

Floral pearl necklaces have been hot among the junior set for a couple of years (I know because I live and shop with them), but are now making an appearance in the workplace. They are a great way to inexpensively add this season’s more romantic floral accents to basic dresses, blouses and tees you already own, and you don’t have to break the bank to get one.

My Shop It To Me alert this week features an ABS Floral Pearl Necklace, originally $85, on sale for $51 at Neiman Marcus. That’s still a bit on the steep side for this paralegal’s accessory budget. (But remember I like to score necklaces and belts for $5 and under at Rugged Wearhouse.)

But you can get the look for less – and with more options for re-mixing because the floral pin is detachable, at Payless (which also has a pretty faux gray pearl necklace with small blue rosettes in our local store for $12.99).

Payless Necklace ~ $12.99

I love the this Payless necklace because it looks similar to a Forever 21 multi-chain necklace (no longer available) that Kendi at Kendi Everyday often wore in her 30 for 30 remix challenge earlier this year, and that I coveted in a manner that was not entirely reasonable.

But there’s another inexpensive option for getting your hands on a floral necklace, especially if you already have several multi-chain or pearl necklaces. Simply buy or make a floral brooch, pin it on the necklace, and enjoy rocking this fresh look for spring.

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