PCWorld‘s editors shared 46 of their recommended “Web’s Best Sites” in the February 2011 issue. (If you consider yourself a non-techie, get a subscription. You will not understand the first three to six issues, but then suddenly your geek-speak vocabulary will explode, and no one will want to sit with you at lunch).

Here are the top 10 websites from the article that I use frequently – or will be:

Lovely photo effects courtesy of Picnik.
  1. Dropbox ~ Even if you can’t have a paperless office at work yet, this online storage solution will help you get one at home. Paralegals need a happy paperless place to retreat.
  2. Yelp ~ We discovered our favorite local Japanese restaurant via Yelp. Paralegals need a place that serves food they don’t have to cook after a 10-hour day and that offers very potent warm Sake.
  3. Gmail ~ I’m a Google girl. Plus, everyone needs a simple personal email address that is just their name, like john.doe@gmail.com, and not something giggle-inducing like babeeparalegal@fruitypebbles.com. I’ve had to bluntly tactfully suggest that people remove cutesy, customized email addresses from the top of their resumes. The. Top.
  4. Foodpair ~ Don’t have time to go to the grocery store because someone at work took that 11:59 p.m. e-filing deadline seriously? This site, a Godsend for hungry paralegals’ children, locates recipes based on the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. (I entered macaroni as an ingredient, and mace came up in the drop down menu, so I like this site for its entertainment value alone. I did use another cool website or “knowledge engine” from the article, WolframAlpha, to learn that mace is also a spice.) Using bread, eggs and butter, something we always have on hand, a recipe for As-You-Like-It Breakfast Casserole popped up, with plenty of variations for other common ingredients, like corn, mushroom and ham.
  5. CalcMoolater ~ You can figure out how much longer you have to work for The Man attorneys to pay off your mortgage.
  6. iFixit ~ This site provides instructions for tech upgrades and repairs. It’s like a free IT guy. Don’t tell your boss that you know about it, or he’ll add IT guy to your job duties.
  7. Picnik ~ This is a fantastic free online photo editor, with some fun special effects features.
  8. Etsy ~ Getting ready to cry at work? Buy yourself something pretty. That’s not my only fix-it for crying at work, but it’s probably the most expensive.
  9. Remember The Milk ~ Paralegals are so busy remembering when stuff is due at work, and getting it done as well, that milk is way too easy to forget, until your kids and your cat yowl in your face for it when you get home. 
  10. Grooveshark ~ Listen to any song in the world for free on your browser, but mobile access is only $3 a month. Right now, Ceelo’s megahit, um, “Eff U,” is my fave paralegal anti-stress musical outlet. (You probably won’t get fired for sayin’, “Ain’t that some shhhhhhhhhhh…” way under your breath.) Here’s the PG-rated version if you’re feelin’ stressed:

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