Kathy Enos

Kathryn “Kathy” Enos, of Hyannis, Massachusetts, died earlier this year, but she’s still remembered for the many lives she touched as a paralegal working with the poor and underprivileged for Massachusetts Law Reform Institute in Boston, and Legal Services on Cape Cod.

Her obituary describes both her passion for justice and her compassion for those suffering from injustice:

Kathy was always prepared to face injustice head on with her fiery spirit. She had a generous heart and a determined presence when it came to those she loved and the causes she fought. She will remain forever in the hearts of family, friends, and those she served. The contributions she made to the many lives she touched will not be forgotten nor the difference she made because of who she dared to be.

I don’t think you can say anything nicer about a paralegal. Many of us entered the paralegal profession because we want to help others navigate the legal system. Enos embodied what is best about using our paralegal education and training to make a difference in the lives of the people we work with every day.

Source: SouthCoastToday.com

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