Would you call a paralegal who uses coupons at the cash register to reduce the cost of four carts of goods from $1,900 to $103, extreme? I like focused, talented, well-organized, or quite frankly, astonishing.

J’aime aka the Extreme Coupon Diva

I’m extremely impressed by Maryland paralegal J’aime Kirlew, and so is TLC’s new reality show Extreme Couponing, which includes her coupon virtuosity in its premiere episode, airing tomorrow. In a Reuters article about the show, Kirlew says she’s donated 100% of her time and talent to couponing, and uses a “cache of meticulously cataloged coupons.”

You know a paralegal has to have a killer organizational system. You can get a glimpse of J’aime in action here – in a transaction so intense the cash register seizes up.

A little Googling turns up J’aime’s blog, Extreme Coupon Diva, where she shares some of the secrets to her savings success in her bio:

I noticed that morning television programs began featuring individuals who had saved hundreds at the stores.  I watched with intent and took lots of mental notes.  I began researching the internet for the various blogs to follow on couponing and read them from top to bottom.  I invited friends over in the summer of 2009 and shared my savings with them.  To accompany my receipts I shared my strategies with them and created a DVD to aid my presentation.  They encouraged me to share this with everyone, so that I did!  I began booking workshops in friend’s homes where I would present the DVD slide show; I brought coupons, handouts and information.  I shared my two-hour presentation jam-packed full of couponing strategies at our local stores.

J’aime’s LinkedIn profile states she works for a general practice law firm in the Washington, D.C. area. I suspect she’s as highly organized at work as she is when shopping, and that she could probably give some awesome workshops on extreme paralegaling as well.

You can like J’aime’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeCouponDiva. Way to go, J’aime!

Addendum: Several readers have indicated in the comments to this post that J’aime’s appearance on Extreme Couponing is the subject of controversy on some blogs devoted to couponing.  While I’m not taking sides, I had no idea that using large numbers of coupons is so complicated, or can give rise to coupon fraud. The few times I remember to take mine to the store and have accidentally handed the cashier one that didn’t apply or had expired, it was rejected and handed right back to me.

Source:  Baltimore Sun

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