Cinch wrap belt of my dreams! (elizabethkelly Etsy shop ~ $45)

You guys know the drill. I blog for paralegals, and everyone interested in getting to know us better. I’ve been making myself crazy trying to finish my new CLE manuscript, “Old-Fashioned Ethics in a Newfangled World,” but who ever really finishes a manuscript about technology? On the plus side, ethics and technology is a completely fascinating subject matter, and writing the paper made me organize many of the online articles and resources I’ve gathered over the last couple of years (yay, Zotero!)

On the down side, who ever really finishes a manuscript about technology? I have a feeling this baby is going to grow and grow and grow – but it gives me a place to organize my thoughts and make checklists. As a paralegal, I am very fond o’ the checklists.

Here’s this week’s links: 

Why am I a paralegal? (The Paralegal) ~ New Jersey paralegal supervisor Ana Pierro attends a fancy dinner party and stands up for the paralegal profession.

Travel for Work (A Paralegal’s Life) ~  This is a great set of tips for any paralegal traveling out of town for work, especially the part about planning your getaway.

A CV without cliches (CeeVee Blog) ~ Even though we are paralegals and therefore the consummate team players, we should not describe ourselves in our resumes and cover letters as responsible, results-oriented team players with project managing and interpersonal communication skills. Because everybody else describes themselves that way, too, and it’s all rather generically unimpressive. (Thanks, Business Hacks!)

Professionalism and Wikipedia (The Empowered Paralegal) ~  A federal judge is not amused by lawyers whose statement of law was copied and pasted – from Wikipedia.

I Deleted Your Damning Evidence and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It (e-Lessons Learned) ~ Ohio is okay with your automatic “Evidence Eliminator” electronic data destroyer program, at least in this instance, which is also illustrative of the risks of having your racy picture taken.

Woman Lands in Perpetual Jury Duty (WSJ Law Blog) ~ If you think being an asshat on your juror questionnaire is a sure-fire route to instant dismissal, mebbe not so much.

Law Practice Today (March/April 2011) ~ There are too many awesome articles about technology, digital security and paperless offices to link separately. Check out the entire magazine. It’s free, peeps, and online – what more could you ask for?

Clothing Comfort Work-arounds (Already Pretty) ~ Sally shares her comfort-dressing secrets, which are great for work (except for the jeggings, which are awesome after work), including jersey knit button-down shirts, scarf and tie belts, and high-waisted tights.

This Sateen Obi Belt combines comfort and style. (Spiegel $10)

How I shop for cheap (The New Professional) ~ Angeline’s shopping tips will help keep your wardrobe up-to-date – and within your budget. I also look at items to see how versatile they are, and break down the price by one-time wear versus a potential re-mix fave.

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