Homemade flower brooch added to my belt.

So I’ve been talking the talk about paralegal career dressing for a while now, and even walking the walk with posts sharing ideas and tips learned from people who specialize in career-dressing blogs for real women (none of whom seem to be over 30), but I haven’t been snapping the pics. Well, I have a few times, but I was all like, “Whoa, girl, you are fluff-EEEE in photos!” 

Then I even checked to see if there was already a Real Women Have Wrinkles career-dressing blog (there’s not), and then I said to my husband, The Absent-Minded but Awesome Professor, “Just take the freakin’ picture so they can see what a real paralegal looks like at the end of the day.”

So I’m going to take baby steps and start sharing a few pictures (once in a while) of Things I Would Have Never Worn If I Hadn’t Started Reading Career-Dressing Blogs.


Look, faux pearls a little like Kendi’s!

I’m getting much more mileage out of this $15 (clearance rack) Calvin Klein sheath dress from Marshalls, now that I know it can be worn as a jumper, too. Add a $6.99 (clearance rack) plaid button-front shirt from Forever 21 (I have to do something in there while The Teens get lost amidst a wilderness of clothes) and an $8 (on sale) necklace from Sears (I love the Apostrophe line), and I know my grandma is smiling down from heaven ’cause I’m looking rather ladylike. (The last time she saw me, it was the 80s, and I had peroxide-blonde hair permed to infinity and blue eye shadow just like Mimi’s from The Drew Carey Show. So did everybody else, so I fit right in.)

Here’s the same Calvin Klein dress on another day, sans blouse, but with honkin’ homemade flower power added. (No PhotoShop, so wrinkles included. Also, The Teens make taking your own pics look easy, but it’s not.) This might have been a little too Carrie Bradshaw for the law office (the smaller one shown above that I added to my belt and blue cardi raised fewer eyebrows and got more compliments), but it was the only accessory I wore with the straight, plain dress, and it made me happy on a really stressful day.

Plus, I made it, so everyone should like it, and offer to put it on their refrigerator.

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