Any attorney — hell, any paralegal or legal secretary — will tell you not to talk to the media when you’ve got a pending case. Always let your lawyer handle all publicity requests — or decline them — during the entire period between filing a suit or petition and a decision coming down. ~ Excerpt from “Winklevoss Tweets His and Ceglia’s Facebook Gripes” (All Facebook)

Everybody knows that a federal appeals court ruled Monday that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are stuck with their $65 million Facebook settlement. (Color me jealous, but it’s hard to feel sorry for anyone who got stuck with a $65 million dollar settlement.)
All Facebook reported on February 12 that Tyler Winklevoss tweeted “line by line, the entire contents of yesterday’s ruling that the $65 million settlement will have to stick.” Intrigued, I checked his public Twitter stream, @tylerwinklevoss, but if he did tweet the entire ruling, some attorney, paralegal or legal secretary must have strongly conveyed that it was a craptastic course of action. Currently, there are only two tweets, on April 11 and 12, about the twins’ and Paul Ceglia’s litigation. One is a link to their appellate attorney’s statement that he’ll file a Petition for Rehearing En Banc.

However, there is a great example of what else you shouldn’t do on Twitter:

Re-tweeting your own ginormous horn is kind of a Twitter faux pas. It’s like I tell my kids (and you probably tell yours), “If you’re the one telling everybody how cool you are, you probably aren’t.”

Source:  All Facebook

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