Here’s this week’s recommended reading list. Many thanks to Robert Mongue for stating in a recent post that if I say read it, he eventually does, but this is only a list of suggestions (or maybe even only a list of shiny objects that caught my eye while whittling my Google Reader from 1,000-plus posts to only 34).

There are some awesome geeky gadgets out there especially suited for Easter gift giving, but for the paralegal who can’t boil an egg (not naming names, but you’re right, who am I foolin’?), this one is a winner. (Thanks, Dvice!)

BeepEgg sings a different tune to announce soft, medium or hard-boiled. (

Ten Things Every Paralegal Wishes She Could Tell Her Lawyer (raisedwrite) ~ Well said, Jill!  Anything you’d like to add?

Certification: 5 Reasons Why Double Is Better (The Paralegal Mentor) ~ Waffling over whether to get your state’s voluntary paralegal certification (if available) or one of the national voluntary paralegal certifications? Vicki Voisin makes a strong argument for getting both.

5 Simple Web Apps for Saving Time at Work (Mashable) ~ I hadn’t heard of any of these cool free apps, but can definitely see using Zamzar to convert file formats and CopyPasteCharacter to quickly access handy characters. Also, if you’re looking for an online OCR tool on the cheap, check out Gigaom’s 3 Free Online OCR Tools for Your Paperless Office (Thanks, Small City Law Firm Tech!)

Limit Smartphone Usage in Public (Lawyerist) ~ This is a post Miss Manners would love, and unfortunately one that many avid smart phone users still need to read. One of my biggest mobile technology pet peeves is the single ear headset user who genuinely thinks she can successfully manage simultaneous conversations on the phone and in person – when what she really looks like is someone hearing voices in her head and that you’ll never invite to lunch again.

10 Things Killed by the Smartphone (PCWorld) ~ I find this list particularly interesting, because I’m old enough to remember when most of the now obsolete devices didn’t exist. While I gladly tossed paper maps, I can’t give up my wrist watch.

The Debate That Won’t Die…Android or iPhone? (FutureLawyer) ~ This post links to an episode of Lab Rats TV discussing five reasons to switch from iPhone to Android. The Lab Rats site is new to me but claims to “demystify technology in a fun, friendly and understandable style.” I’ll definitely check out more episodes.

The Deadliest Thing You’re Doing at the Office (Business Hacks) ~ No, not the most deadly boring (but feel free to share your opinion in the comments section) but the deadliest to your health. Clearly, we need to make sure we get up and get moving during the day. I don’t stand during phone calls, but I do get up frequently to scan documents at the copier scanner we share on our floor. After reading this article, I’m glad we didn’t choose personal scanners at our desks.

What NOT to Wear to the Office (Corporette) ~ “Anything too short, tight, or low-cut” covers most career dressing mistakes to avoid. I think, in more relaxed work environments, you can get away with peep toe shoes, khakis, and jeans if they’re allowed. But if they are, think dark wash and trouser style. 

But most law firms are still extremely conservative with their dress codes, as a recent email from a British law firm to its newer female employees underscores:

Ladies–bit of a random one, but we’ve been asked to draw your attention to the fact that HR have received numerous complaints about the way female trainees have been dressing around the office. The main problem seems to be very short skirts and high heels and generally looking like we’re going clubbing instead of to the office (as well as a failure to brush our hair, apparently!).  (Via The Careerist)

See also What Not to Wear to a Job Interview via Classy Career Girl, complete with very helpful pics, and great tips for dealing with tattoos.
Wife stripped of settlement money when ex-husband sees belly-dancing blog that proves she can work (NY ~  This story illustrates why social media is golden in litigation, at least if you’re the party using it against the other party. But a wise legal professional must have warned the belly dancer that social media could hurt her domestic case, because she posted on Facebook that she had to “be careful what goes on line pookies. The ex would love to fry me with that.” Which he did.

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