I love this photo of paralegal Jennifer Persinger, employed by LeClairRyan in Roanoke, Virginia, gearing up for her attempt to dunk a lawyer last Friday.

Jennifer’s enthusiasm is evident!  

No, it wasn’t National Dunk Your Supervising Attorney Day. Persinger was participating in the fifth annual Legal Food Frenzy, a good natured competition between Virginia law schools and law firms to raise the most money for local food banks in a two-week period.

The Roanoke Times reports that LeClairRyan employees were also motivated by the opportunity to pie the boss:

The firm also held jeans days and a Mexican food day, and raffled off gift certificates donated by local restaurants to raise money. LeClairRyan promised that a lawyer would get a pie in the face if more than $200 was raised in a single day — and employees came up with $367. 

Kudos to LeClairRyan for planning fun events for a great cause and awesome results. Legal Food Frenzy has raised over 5,400,000 pounds of food over the past four years.

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