Before you read the rest of this online dating story and think I’m going for the seamy underside of civilian journalism, the title of this post is straight from the horse’s legal assistant’s mouth.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Christin Thomas, a 24-year old legal assistant and law school hopeful from Washington, D.C., is one of the “attractive” people available for paid dates via the dating site,, billed as the “online dating marketplace to buy and sell first dates.”  (The people bidding $100 or more for dates aren’t billed as “unattractive” but rather “fun” and “generous”.)

Before you decide to check out who the heck qualifies as “attractive” from your work computer, don’t. Wait until you get home, and then proceed only if you’re an avid lingerie fan.

Thomas told The Review-Journal that she’s not into paid dating as an extra source of income.

“It seemed like something that would be fun and interesting,” Thomas said. “If you can get paid for dating, why not?”

Still, Thomas, who works as a legal assistant and hopes to attend law school, said she’s not in it for the money.

“The site is really getting a lot of criticism for that, and it’s unfortunate,” she said. “It’s about meeting people you wouldn’t necessarily meet otherwise.”

As of the date the story was published, Thomas had earned about $100 for two dates. It probably goes without saying, but the fun and generous people pick up the tabs. (The site’s owner also runs a companion site for young women seeking sugar daddies.)

So, what do you think? Great part-time gig if you meet the site’s criteria for attractive – or you’d rather not name your price?

Source:  Las Vegas Review-Journal

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