Stripes are in this season, and I want a striped boatneck blouse soooooo much, only I’m soooooo cheap. Plus, like Goldilocks, there’s something not quite right with all the boatnecks I’ve seen so far. They’ve been too stiff, too matronly, too wide, too stripy, etc. (Yeah, stripes can be too stripy).

But today when I made a dash into Sears for something totally boring and non-fashionable, I saw this new line of clothing, UK Style by French Connection, that was well, darned stylish. Featuring my dream boatneck top. Who knew the road to power tools was paved with boatnecks? Only none in my size. Very 🙁  Things got very 🙂 when I checked online, and there was my size, on sale for $10.99! (I’m pretty sure this means I can get a black non-striped one, too.)

Sears’ catalog images are the devil to capture, but heck, this is either Claudia Schiffer, or her doppelganger.

What’s good enough for Claudia Schiffer’s doppleganger is good enough for me.

Also, I caught myself oddly spellbound in the Lands’ End section, drooling over clothes I wouldn’t have been caught dead in two weeks ago. Is this sudden onset upper-middle-age, or is it just that these clothes look like what everyone wore in 1980?

Seriously, Sears has some drop dead good deals on tops for spring, including:

Apostrophe Ruffled Shell $14.94

Covington Pintuck Scoopneck Tank $11.99

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