Some people are just really special. You know the ones – the ones with the great sense of humor who make everyone around them feel better. Legal secretary Priscilla “Prissy” Long Freedle, who died last month in North Carolina, but spent most of her career working in West Palm Beach, Florida, sounds like she was one of those people. You can tell from her obituary that she’ll be greatly missed:

Throughout her life she held onto her special gentle spirit and her unique sense of humor. She had a special love in her heart for all animals, and her dream was to be able to provide a safe, loving haven for abused and neglected animals. Her favorite song was “Carolina Girls,” which she loved to sing to her beloved cat of 18 years, Sophie Jean. She was sweet, funny and fun-loving until the end of her life.

I love that song, too, and think Sophie Jean is an awesome name for a cat. 

Source:  Lexington Dispatch

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