But will I look fat wearing this?

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Practical Paralegalism’s hard-working mommy readers. With no further ado, here’s this week’s recommended links for everything from technology to legal humor to career dressing – and even a little something for The Grammar Police.

ABC News did a piece recommending gadgets for Mother’s Day gifts, including this Scottevest Women’s Trench coat, which includes 18 pockets (lipstick, handwarmer, change, ear buds, water bottle, keys, iPad, pockets ad infinitum) for pretty much all of your techie stuff. This coat could eliminate the need for a carry-on when you travel by air, but I’m thinkin’ you might have to work out a lot to wear it. Available in four colors, this wearable waterproof wonder is $150.

Need a stylish, yet ridiculously comfortable pair of heels for the office? I call Aerosoles “dress sneakers”, and bought this pair below in bronze from Steinmart last year. Strangers ask me where I bought them when I wear them, and I tried unsuccessfully to find a link to share with you. Now Kohl’s is offering this ultra-comfortable slingback in beige (thanks, WorkChic!):

A2 by Aerosoles Peep-Toe Dress Heels ~ $41.99 (Originally $59.99)
EXHIBIT A:  Super Puppy! via Weenie Chic (It’s FLYING!!!!)

 I can see the Court’s point.

  • Strappy Satchels for Spring (Jane has a job) ~ Even though I’d rather carry documents around in Dropbox, http://www.dropbox.com/, I’m still a fool for a satchel or a messenger bag (gotta have someplace to stow the iPad, PCWorld magazine, and four pairs of reading glasses). I love this slouchy messenger bag from Aldo:
Goetter ~ $34.98 (Originally $45)

Website of the Week: Shit My Students Write, http://shitmystudentswrite.tumblr.com/ Fave posts to date? Gosh, there are so many to choose (“He urines to be accepted.” !!! ROFL) from, but here goes (did I mention it’s Mother’s Day? :):

Its not really plagiarism as it was exactly what I was going to write anyway.

 * * *

Before, women were multifunctioning objects around the house that could do that birth thing but now women are running corporations and writing great literature all the while still doing that birth thing.

 * * *

 I’m sorry but can you clarify what you mean by written?

(Actually, I’m sort of dying to use that last one as an extra objection to some of the more obtuse interrogatories I sometimes have the pleasure of attempting to decipher.)

Practical Paralegalism’s fave (well, only) Mother’s Day Column: The Best We Could: Happy Mother’s Day

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