I’m a fairly conservative dresser, and I’m pretty short, so I tend to avoid any kind of print that could get me mistaken for a sofa, drapes, or the target of an African hunting safari. But I did recently buy a $8.99 snake print blouse at Ross, and wore it to work with a black pencil skirt from Target. Honestly, I felt fierce (although I guess I could have confused that feeling with menopause). If you’re feeling the desire to buy something a little edgier than usual, I highly recommend slithering a snake print item into your working wardrobe (but nothing that will get you a memo from The Wardrobe Police).

Petite Cobra Print Ruffle Shell $39.99 ~ I don’t normally like to include clothing that isn’t available in all sizes, but I’m including this LOFT blouse, which would be great for the office paired with a cardi and dress slacks, because it’s almost sold out, which means I’m not crazy to infer that folks dig their snake prints this season. (And it’s still available in my size, which is very important.) 

Or you could try a beautiful snake print scarf if you want to make less of a commitment to the look, and also retain the option of abandoning it the minute any co-workers look at you askance.

Calvin Klein Snake-Print Jacquard Sheath Dress ($129) ~ A lot more than I like to pay for a dress, I can still see getting a lot of wear out of something this classy, yet modern. This print is so lovely. It’s the first time I’ve ever longed to curl up anywhere close to anything resembling a snake.

I’m finding so many lovely snake print dresses online at rather inaccessible prices, unless you’re willing to eat Pop Tarts at every meal for a month, but if we wait long enough, more affordable versions will come to Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, and Ross Dress for Less stores near us. (If you really want to drool over a snake print dress that a paralegal can’t afford but Tim Gunn would urge you to buy even if you have to give up eating entirely for a month, dig this $438 number from Searle.)

INC International Concepts Top, Sleeveless Scoopneck Silk Snake Print Ruffle Hem Tank ($29.99) ~ Of course, you can just let your inner cobra peek out a little from a classic black jacket. While I wouldn’t wear this blouse to a job interview, it would make a great day to evening look if you have plans to go out on the town after work.  The neckline is modest enough, silk is luxurious and polished, and the flat ruffles provide a chic tailored detail. My boring black suit longs to make a connection with this blouse.

If you think LOFT, Bloomies, Macy’s (or me) look like our cheese done slid off our crackers for suggesting snake prints for work, but you’re starting to feel like you want to shake your rattle just a little, you can always add a beautiful and novel detail to an otherwise conservative look with a snake print belt:

Cole Haan shows how it’s done for $58, but you can beat the price at your local discount fashion retailer.

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