I have been a paralegal for 15 years. I have considerable research and social media skills that I would like to direct toward helping a cause I’m passionate about. I’ve been an active volunteer for several local social service and civic organizations and have a broad network of contacts in the metro area. The development position at your agency is a good fit for my experience and interests.

~ Excerpt from “To get a job, apply yourself” (Kansas City Star)

In “To get a job, apply yourself,” Kansas City Star career columnist Diane Stafford reminds job seekers to let everyone in their personal and professional networks know they’re looking for work, as well as have a perfect resume and a list of excellent references.
Stafford also recommends having a 30-second elevator pitch ready to go, like the example above for an experienced paralegal.
It’s not a bad idea for any of us to be able to describe our professional selves in 30 seconds (or less), whether we’re job-searching, or helping to market our employer’s business.

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