But the survey summary says, “Seventy percent of lawyers polled said their law firms or corporate legal departments plan to award their associates pay raises and bonuses…”

I bet the paralegals would appreciate a li’l heads up on what they can expect, too.

The good news is that compensation for legal professionals appears to be improving, after “years of staff reductions and salary freezes…” And Charles Volkert, the executive director of Robert Half Legal, and one of the first guests on the monthly Legal Talk Network podcast, The Paralegal Voice, encourages employers to take other steps as well to keep valued staff members, including offering educational opportunities, providing challenging assignments, and publicly praising employees’ contributions.

I hope the paralegals and other legal support staffers are included in the pay raises and bonus plans of the employers polled. Are you seeing – or even better, experiencing –  improving compensation trends in your neck of the woods?

Source:  PRNewswire

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