I know none of my wonderfully solicitous readers would ever trick an elderly computer newbie into using Twitter for Google searches…would you? No, not you guys, even if your elderly pop’s “Google searches” merrily bobbed by in a public Twitter stream, to amuse over 70,000 followers to date, and possibly land you a book deal.

Luckily, you don’t have to go to these lengths to amuse yourself, because Norman N., or @oldmansearch on Twitter, is a self-described 81-year dad, and his son has thoughtfully taught him how to use the Internet – and that awesome Google search engine, Twitter.

No, Twitter newbies, forget what you just read! Twitter can be an excellent social media learning tool, but it is not a Google search engine, because well, you already have Google.

But Norman is using it to satisfy his curiosity in all kinds of areas, wondering what does email cost and what the maximum age is for adult education. And of course, seeking the answer to that age-old question:

If Norman is real, then his son needs to ‘fess up, or at least use some of the proceeds from his potential book deal to buy him an iPad.

Source:  Gizmodo

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