So the last time I posted about a thing-Bob that I want, someone kindly and possibly pointedly commented that it’s “Thingama-Bobs,” and then not wanting to be ticketed by The Grammar Police, I perhaps too over zealously replied that it could also be a “thingamabob, or thingamabobber, or thingie, or even things Bob has that I don’t even know what they are or why the heck I want them so dang bad.”

I know, girl, learn to take some constructive criticism. It’s right at the top of my to-do list.

But my awesome friend, Patti, paralegal extraordinaire and blogger at Patti’s Paralegal Page, did me one better, and posted a link on my Facebook page to a more improved thing Bob has that I definitely want, complete with coffee warmer:

Seriously, if you want to talk tech, this is a USB Gizmo, and it will hold a 30-lb sandwich.

Patti also recently “broke down” and bought an iPad, which is extremely awesome for killing zombies in your front yard, and hurling birds that don’t seem as much angry as crazed at insanely annoying pigs. Oh, and it’s also a wee technological miracle, useful for so many business purposes in a wonderful paperless world, like viewing PDF documents and creating content on-the-go.

Source:  TechFemina

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