I figured I would catch your attention with this headline, but honestly, I’m positive that all of you would roll your eyes if you attended a presentation on professionalism, and the presenter told you not to wear flip-flops to job interviews.

I mean, all paralegals and paralegal wannabes know not to do that, right?


Not right. In “Don’t Wear Flip-Flops to the Interview,” the Wall Street Journal reports that a woman applying for a paralegal position did do the unimaginable:

A recruiter for a major New York law firm recently told me of a female applicant for a paralegal position who showed up in flip-flops, totally oblivious to the dress code of the firm. She wasn’t hired. Not only was she inappropriately dressed, but she hadn’t done her homework and didn’t think she needed to. Small infractions like these can override a sterling transcript.

“Totally oblivious” pretty much sums it up. I’d be surprised if the interviewer even looked at her resume, sterling transcript or not.

Maybe we could add “…to be a paralegal!”

Source:  Wall Street Journal

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