“I have a great team. Everyone is so sharp. Sometimes, people don’t realize they’re working with a paralegal. They think they’re working with a lawyer.” ~ Attorney Robert Nagle (AZ Central.com)

Major props to Phoenix, Arizona lawyer Robert Nagle, the founder and senior partner of Nagle Law Group, for recognizing his staff’s contributions to his success when he was recently interviewed for a feature article, “Small law firm shines in down economy.”

But one of our ethical responsibilities as paralegals is to make sure no one mistakes us for lawyers. Our supervising attorneys should make it clear we are not lawyers from the onset of a case, by introducing us to clients and explaining our role. Giving clients our business cards identifying us as paralegals or legal assistants, as well as reminding them we are not lawyers when we can tell they might be getting confused, will also help avoid misunderstandings.

Occasionally, you’ll interact with a client who won’t be sure of your role, no matter what you do. One client called me “Lady Lawyer” every single time she met me, to which I immediately replied every single time, “I am not a lawyer.” 

I wonder what a “Proud to be a Paralegal” t-shirt would look like with a suit and heels?

Add pearls or a tie.

Source:  AZ Central.com; ABA Standing Committee on Paralegals

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