She’s an ex-con, too, but don’t worry that her supervising attorneys are setting a bad precedent by not running a background check. They represented her in her criminal case.

Check out this trailer for TNT’s upcoming legal dramedy, Franklin & Bash, featuring the two assistant characters, Pindar and Carmen, and let me know what you think of TV’s newest fictional paralegal:

Carmen Phillips (played by Dana Davis), a former con artist and grifter, “goes undercover and gets information that other people can’t get.”  I can’t help but wonder if there will be some epic ethics fails in this series. On the plus side, when her attorneys need something, Carmen already knows they need it and has it ready to go, definitely a useful talent when working for lawyers.

Near the end of the trailer, Carmen asks Pindar if he thinks there’s a lot of law firms that would hire ex-cons.

Anybody want to answer the question?

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