Sometimes I like to boil a rather dry news story about a court ruling down to a more simple (and enjoyable) recitation of the facts that Enquiring Minds Want to Know, or even just a list of probing questions that keep me company when I have insomnia.

For example:

Is Low Cost Paralegal Services really a good name for your own business?

Sure, it’s easy to remember, and those are pretty search-engine friendly terms, but are you sacrificing an inference of quality here? Never mind, I did a quick Google search, and not surprisingly, there is more than one business with this name.

If you’re a non-lawyer living in Texas, should you be offering low-cost legal services in Rhode Island? 

The Rhode Island Supreme Court says HELLS NO.

Is the best email address for a non-lawyer offering $400 flat fee divorces really attorney2be2012

This is strictly a rhetorical question.

Will the Court believe you if you promise not to practice law in Rhode Island from Texas again? 

Nuh-uh, and not only is the order finding that you engaged in the unauthorized practice of law – and also aren’t credible – going to be published on the Rhode Island Judiciary website, but it is going to be mailed to every Texas and/or federal agency that governs Internet-based fraud and the practice of law.

Whoa, doggies.

You can read the actual order at

And I’d definitely stay away from copying that catchy Low Cost Paralegal Services name for your future paralegal business, because now its top search-engine results yield a whole bunch of stories linking it to the unauthorized practice of law.

Source: Providence Journal

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