Sara Youngers

Job Title:  Litigation Paralegal

Employer:  Lounsbery Ferguson Altona & Peak, LLP,; Escondido, CA

Years of Paralegal Experience:  6

Education/Degrees:  B.A. in Political Science from UC, Santa Barbara; Paralegal Certificate from University of San Diego; Concordance Certified Trainer (CCST) from LexisNexis; Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) in Trial Practice from National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)

Specialty Areas:  Civil Litigation; Billing Fee Analysis (i.e. we perform audits of billing invoices from law firms)

Career Highlight:  Getting asked to train a Montana firm’s paralegals in Concordance, which led to starting my side business, Spectrum Consultants,

Future Goals You’re Working Toward:  Going freelance!

Paralegal Practice Tip:  Say “yes” to every task or project you are asked to do (time permitting, of course)! You really do know more than you think you do.

Favorite Internet Resources:,, for finding people and addresses; for real estate sales, assets and potential property valuation. The best part is that both are free.

Favorite Legal Software: Concordance,

Do you use social media resources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogs, for career and/or case development?  Absolutely!! It’s great for meeting and interacting with people, and doing witness searches!

Fun Fact:  I need to have condiments evenly spread over my bread. I can’t stand it any other way!

Favorite Book: Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes

Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane

Cat or Dog Person: Both, but right now my heart belongs to Martin (my 3-year old black Lab mix)

Recipe Your Family Begs You to Cook:  Honestly, my family begs me not to cook!

One Gadget You Can’t Live Without:  My Droid phone

Favorite Quote:  “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs

Paralegal/Legal Association Memberships:  San Diego Paralegal Association (SDPA),; University of San Diego Paralegal Alumni Association,

Thanks to Sara and all of my readers who have generously completed profiles for Practical Paralegalism. Featuring a legal support staff reader is the highlight of my week. If you’re willing to be profiled, the quick and easy questionnaire can be found at – and your cute canine, feline – or actual human kid pics are welcome!

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